The Lindvart Park Management Committee is made up of codes using the park

Active codes during the winter season are:

  • BOI Netball Association
  • BOI Hockey Association
  • Kaikohe Football Club
  • Northland Rugby League
  • Hub of the North Sports Club – Table Tennis

Active codes during the summer season

  • BOI Softball Club
  • Touch Kaikohe Senior
  • Junior Youth Touch Kaikohe
  • Hub of the North Sports Club – Tennis

All year round Codes and Activities

  • Adult Aerobics runs in the large lounge upstairs
  • Holiday programs for youth

Other Codes

Kaikohe Cricket Club currently runs at Northland College

Kaikohe Badminton Club currently runs at Memorial Hall

Kaikohe Swim Club currently runs at Kaikohe East School

Kaikohe Rugby Club currently runs at the adjoining grounds



Nigel Ross and Joe Nol (founding members)

At the last Lindvart Park Meeting (26th April 2016) the committee gave its upmost thanks and sincere appreciation to Joe Nol one of our longest serving committee members.   In 1983 the Lindvart Park Pavilion was opened, Joe was at that time the representative for Kaikohe Athletics and Harriers Club.  He became the first Chairman of the Lindvart Park Management Committee and later moved into the Treasury position.  For 37 years Joe has served Lindvart Park and it sporting codes and will be truly missed by the Committee.  “I have had the pleasure of knowing Joe since I was a child, and have thoroughly enjoyed working and appreciated working with Joe for the past 8 years.  I wish Joe well in his retirement” said Suzee Ross the current Operations Manager at Lindvart Park. 






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