If you would like to book Lindvart Park grounds or facilities please complete the contact form below:


General Conditions of Hire for Lindvart Park Sports Pavilion


  • Small lounge and kitchen $10.00 an hour
  • Large lounge and kitchen $15.00 an hour
  • All day changing room hire $40.00 per 50 people
  • Changing room & shower hire for games $50.00 (For 2 hours total)

An invoice will be sent to you after your date of use.


  • 8am until 12.00 midnight. Monday – Sunday


  • Codes supply their own access and lockup.
  • Other users will be met at Lindvart Park at the agreed time.


  • Must be turned off by the code or hirer when the building is vacated.
  • If the lights are left on there will be an extra charge imposed on the hirer.


  • Please insure that all windows are closed, all toilets are flushed, taps turned off and doors secure.
  •  ALL LITTER must be removed from the building and surrounds.
  •  The cleaning of the areas of the building used by the code/hirer is the responsibility of the code/hirer, all areas should be left in a neat and tidy condition. If the building is left in an excessively dirty state, an extra cleaning chare will be imposed.
  •  Tight SUPERVISION of the building is the responsibility of the code/hirer, and it is recommended that the hirer have someone on duty at all times.
  •  NO DECORATIONS, nails or fastenings are to be fixed in the lounges.
  •  No Lindvart Park Sports Complex PROPERTY is to be taken away from the premises.
  •  ALCOHOL is not to be sold within the building. Alcohol bottles must not be left in the changing rooms. The upstairs lounges are alcohol free.
  •  SMOKING & DRUGS are not permitted in and around the Lindvart Park complex.
  •  The FIRE SAFETY seating limit for the building is 200, and that limit must never be exceeded.


The Lindvart Park Management Committee reserves the right for the Secretary to enter the building at any time.

 In an EMERGENCY, please contact Suzee Ross 4010332, 021 298 72 90


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